Yaki Faitelson

Yaki Faitelson, Chief Executive Officer, President, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Yaki is responsible for leading the management, strategic direction and execution of the Varonis vision. With extensive cross-functional experience in cybersecurity, networking, operating systems, business applications and storage, Yaki saw the necessity and opportunity for data-centric security automation. Together, he and Ohad Korkus conceived and architected the MetaData Framework technology that now serves as the foundation for the Varonis Data Security Platform and hold numerous patents for permissions visualization, simulation, and data analysis. Under his leadership, Varonis has experienced hyper-growth, cultivated a worldwide customer base, and forged a leading position in the cybersecurity market. Prior to Varonis, Yaki held leadership positions in the global professional services and systems integration divisions of NetVision and Network Appliance.