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Varonis Systems
April 10, 2018 at 5:11 PM EDT

Varonis Extends Flagship Data Security Platform with Version 6.4.111 and Varonis Edge

NEW YORK, April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Varonis Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRNS), a pioneer in data security and analytics, announced several new upgrades and features for its Data Security Platform, including perimeter-informed intelligence with Varonis Edge, new threat models for DatAlert, and more. At a time when, according to a recent Varonis study, the average organization had 21% of their folders open to every employee and 46% of organizations had more than 1,000 users with passwords that never expire, enterprises must take steps to lock down their critical data to protect against attacks from both inside and out.

Varonis Edge analyzes perimeter devices like DNS, VPN, and Web Proxy to detect attacks like malware, APT intrusion, and data exfiltration. Varonis Edge enables enterprises to correlate events and alerts to track potential data leaks and spot vulnerabilities at the point of entry.

In addition to Varonis Edge, other recent enhancements to the Varonis Data Security Platform include:

  • DatAdvantage: The heart of the Varonis Data Security Platform, DatAdvantage maps who can and who does access data across file and email systems, shows where users have too much access, and then safely automates changes to access control lists and groups. DatAdvantage for Office 365 now supports Azure Active Directory and includes auditing and event collection capabilities.
  • Geolocation: DatAlert now tracks cyberattacks to a specific location, alerting when unusual access to your data is coming from new or unusual physical locations. New threat models track unreasonable geohopping activity from a blacklisted geolocation and activity from new geolocations, while new maps provide at-a-glance updates.
  • GDPR Discovery and Data Protection: Varonis automatically identifies and classifies data that falls under the upcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with over 280 patterns in GDPR Patterns — making it easier than ever to see what's happening to that data once it's identified.  Customers can identify regulated data, while GDPR-focused threat models flag unusual activity around this data — helping to meet GDPR requirements and protect consumer data.
  • Automation Engine: Varonis' solution for discovering and automatically repairing undetected security vulnerabilities — like inconsistent ACLs and global access to sensitive data — now supports multiple organizational unit (OU) selection for new groups/per filer resolution.

"Companies are shifting from traditional security approaches designed to keep attackers off their networks to a new model that focuses on protecting their critical data, from the inside out, by knowing what they have, where it resides and controlling access to a least-privilege model," said David Bass, Varonis' Executive Vice President of Engineering and CTO. "With Varonis Edge, we've increased the number of ways we can detect cyberattacks and added valuable context about what's happening within core data stores — providing detailed insight for investigation and analysis so companies can better defend their data."

Varonis at RSA: The Varonis Data Security Platform, including Varonis Edge, will be on display at RSA 2018 on April 17-19 in San Francisco. Varonis invites attendees to get a first look and see demos of its newest products in the South Hall, Booth #417, and presentations in the North Hall, Booth #3210. View the full schedule of Varonis' RSA activities at

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Varonis is a pioneer in data security and analytics, fighting a different battle than conventional cybersecurity companies. Varonis focuses on protecting enterprise data: sensitive files and emails; confidential customer, patient and employee data; financial records; strategic and product plans; and other intellectual property. The Varonis Data Security Platform detects insider threats and cyberattacks by analyzing data, account activity and user behavior; prevents and limits disaster by locking down sensitive and stale data; and efficiently sustains a secure state with automation. With a focus on data security, Varonis serves a variety of use cases including governance, compliance, classification, and threat analytics. Varonis started operations in 2005 and now has thousands of customers worldwide — comprised of industry leaders in many sectors including technology, consumer, retail, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, media, and education.

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