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March 28, 2017 at 8:00 AM EDT

Varonis Adds Eleven More Cities to Its Connect Customer Conference Line Up

NEW YORK, March 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Varonis Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRNS), a leading provider of software solutions that protect data from insider threats and cyberattacks, will kick off its annual series of Varonis Connect customer events in April, May and June in 33 cities across North America and Europe, adding 11 more cities than last year and expecting significant increase in attendance.

In its sixth year, the Varonis Connect events offer free educational and networking opportunities and draw more than 1,200 IT security leaders. Attendees will learn about new Varonis product innovations and share experiences and success stories.

Varonis Connect attendees, from the company's rapidly expanding customer base, will learn how to use the Varonis Data Security Platform (DSP) for an increasing range of use cases, including data security, mitigating ransomware attacks, meeting compliance regulations like HIPAA and GDPR, user behavior analytics, archiving, search and file synchronization and sharing. Varonis engineering and product teams will be on hand to provide attendees with personalized consultations.

2017 Connect Event Schedule:

United States & Canada:Europe: 
April 5: San Francisco, CAApril 4: Milan, Italy
April 6: Irvine, CAApril 19: Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 11: Orlando, FLApril 20: Brussels, Belgium
April 12: Fort Lauderdale, FLApril 25: Munich, Germany
April 12: Boston, MAApril 27: Madrid, Spain
April 18: Salt Lake City, UTMay 4: London, England
April 18: Cincinnati, OHMay 11: Geneva, Switzerland
April 19: Indianapolis, INMay 17: Luxembourg
April 19: Des Moines, IAMay 18: Paris, France
April 20: Minneapolis, MNMay 23: Zurich, Switzerland
April 25: Atlanta, GAMay 24: Leeds, England
April 27: Washington D.C. 
May 2: Calgary, Canada 
May 3: Seattle, WA 
May 3: Raleigh, NC 
May 4: Charlotte, NC 
May 4: Portland, OR 
May 23: Green Bay, WI 
May 24: Hartford, CT 
May 24: Chicago, IL 
June 1: New York, NY 
June 6: Cleveland, OH 

"Our customers have a wealth of experience using our Data Security Platform to protect their data from abuse, ransomware and other threats, and the Varonis Connect events provide them with the opportunity to share with and hear from their peers," said Brian Vecci, Technical Evangelist and speaker at multiple Connect events this year. "Networking with their peers, learning about new products and use cases and staying abreast of our strategic vision for the platform has been so well received by our customer base that we're adding 11 new cities since last year and expect more than 1,200 attendees around the world. We believe our customers will come away from their local event confident in how they can continue to use Varonis to keep their data secure and how to continue the conversation through our customer community at"


Varonis Connect 2017 is free and open to Varonis customers. If you would like to inquire about attending or would like to receive an invitation, please email

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Varonis is a leading provider of software solutions that protect data from insider threats and cyberattacks. Through an innovative software platform, Varonis allows organizations to analyze, secure, manage, and migrate their volumes of unstructured data. Varonis specializes in file and email systems that store valuable spreadsheets, word processing documents, presentations, audio and video files, emails, and text. This rapidly growing data often contains an enterprise's financial information, product plans, strategic initiatives, intellectual property, and confidential employee, customer or patient records. IT and business personnel deploy Varonis software for a variety of use cases, including data security, governance and compliance, user behavior analytics, archiving, search and file synchronization and sharing. With offices and partners worldwide, Varonis had approximately 5,350 customers as of December 31, 2016, spanning leading firms in financial services, healthcare, public, industrial, insurance, energy and utilities, media and entertainment, consumer and retail, technology and education sectors.

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